Bangkok Kachin Baptist Church



  • To worship God in Kachin language every Sunday.
  • To maintain Kachin language, Culture and Tradition through Belief.
  • To Organized every Kachin as one group in Bangkok.

Our Community

  • We gather for spiritual and sharing the blessing since it is faith community.
  • Encourage each other in time of trouble and difficulties.

Bangkok Kachin Baptist Church (BKKKBC)

  • Kachin (one of major ethnicities from Myanmar) people have been migrating to Thailand since last five decades due to political and economic crisis in homeland country, Myanmar.
  • In 1980s, many Kachin young people and business men came to Bangkok to find a better life.
  • Since then, Kachin people who are living around Bangkok gather occasionally in such as Thanksgiving and Christmas day.
  • In 1995, Kachin people set up a group with who are living around Bangkok started up Kachin Christian Fellowship. The group gather one a week for conduct worship, fellowship meal and sharing their experiences.
  • In 2005, a small group of Kachin established as Church named Kachin Church Bangkok (KCB)
  • In 2014, Kachin Church Bangkok renamed as Bangkok Kachin Baptist Church (BJH)
  • BJH is a legally registered church in Thailand through Church of Christ In Thailand (CCT).